Managerial and Specialist recruitment

Managerial and Specialist recruitment

Are you looking for a competent employee for a position at management- or specialist level?

We know how important it is for your company that the right person is hired. Therefore, Temp-Team offers a professional process with targeted search and effective recruitment.

We also know how important it is to find the right match that can contribute to increasing productivity in precisely your organisation. We are proud to say that we have an exceptionally keen expertise in helping you with this.

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Your confidence in - and satisfaction with - the recruitment process are very important to us. Thus, you can expect a dialogue-based process which is both systematic, direct and extremely thorough. Your wishes and needs are always our focus.

Temp-Team prepares a personal profile for the ideal candidates who would be perfect collaborators. If you require discretion in the process, we take care of this as well.

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We select and invite relevant subjects for an in-depth interview and conduct a personal profile analysis as well as a cognitive test. We also obtain references from previous employers. This thorough process is your guarantee that we find the most suitable candidates for your company in terms of both qualifications, professional and personal skills.

We introduce you to the candidates who are best suited to fill the specific management- or specialist position. You conduct interviews and select the candidate you consider to be the best match for the vacant position.

Temp-Team gladly provides advice regarding the interview, which we are happy to facilitate as part of the recruitment process. Likewise, we are always ready for an open and honest dialogue and advice before you choose your new employee. Finally, you are free to utilise our expertise with regards to determining salary and employment conditions.

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Recruitment guarantee

Our recruitment process comes with a guarantee on the selection of candidates you choose from and with follow-up several times during the trial period as a an integrated part of the process. We know that this helps to ensure a successful employment.

Get professional assistance finding the right employee.

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