Temporary Jobs

Are you looking for flexibility?

Then a temp job is the ideal solution for you. Temp-Team is an efficient and professional temp agency that can help you find a temporary position that meets your needs.

Advantages of temporary employment

You have optimal opportunities to explore different types of positions and test your skills in different company cultures.

You have the freedom to decide for yourself how many hours a week you want to work.

A temp job can be your gateway to permanent employment - we often see that longer-term temporary workers attain permanent employment.

Temping at Temp-Team

      • You are paid an hourly salary according to collective agreement
      • You earn holiday pay and pension from day one if you already have an occupational pension
      • You are covered by either Temp-Team's or the company's applicable collective agreement

Register your CV
In order for us to find the right temporary job for you, we recommend that you register your CV on our website. Be thorough and precise in your description. This increases your chances of being considered for available jobs that match you perfectly.

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How it works

When we have a match between you and a company, we invite you to a meeting where one of our consultants conducts an in-depth interview to get to know you better. This way we establish an optimal starting point to find the roles that suit your wishes and plans for the future. We also carry out subject-relevant tests such as master person analysis to ensure that your skills and qualifications are compatible with the needs of your future employer. This ensures that both you and the company are satisfied.

It is important that you continuously keep your profile up to date; especially with language and IT skills as well as logging into your profile regularly to keep it active. Furthermore, keep an eye out for available jobs on our website and search for jobs relevant to you.

Temp-Team is your gateway to a large selection of temporary jobs.

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