Temp-Team knows how important it is for your company to keep the right employees once you have hired them.

This is why we offer onboarding as an effective “must have” in extension of a recruitment.

Typical benefits of using a structured onboarding process:

      • The employee contributes to the company faster
      • Commitment and motivation are strengthened and maintained
      • Job retention

All factors above contribute to increasing the productivity of your business.

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Onboarding helps you

… simply to keep and maintain focus on your new employee's well-being. Collaborating with Temp-Team, you have an overview of what happens and when. It creates comfort both for you and the new employee.

Onboarding offers your new employee the feeling of being seen and heard. Recognition plays a crucial role in creating optimal conditions for the employee to make the best contribution to the company's results.


Up to twice the annual salary - that's how much it costs the company to lose a new hire within the first year

22% of new hires leaving the company do so within the first 45 days

46% of new hires in their first job quit within 18 months

Source: ONBOARDING - Flyvende fra start by Christian Harpelund and Morten Højberg 

The process

Following a guaranteed recruitment placement, Temp-Team offers an onboarding process. This consists of two meetings and a final interview. All meetings take place at the customer's premises.

The first meeting is held after the first two months, so the employee has had time to settle in and develop - and you have had the chance to get a sense of how the employee thrives and performs. At the meeting, we review the start-up and the following four focus-areas:

      • Tasks and results
      • Framework and rules
      • Collaboration and networking
      • Company and culture

After five months of employment, we send an EASI behaviour- and motivation test to the new employee. This forms the basis for the dialogue we facilitate in our second meeting, where we go into detail regarding the action plan and development potential, which can be used at MUS or during 1:1 conversations.

The process ends with a follow-up telephone conversation where we discuss the action plan and development.

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Talking On The Phone

A successful introduction shows on the bottom line

It is very important to be aware of what works for the employee. Lack of retention is often caused by something else than what the leader focuses on. By facilitating a good dialogue, you get ahead of any potential issues and are able to maintain the employee's commitment.

Misjudged focus can create unrest in the organisation and, ultimately, lead to a considerable financial loss if the new employee chooses to quit the job or has to be dismissed.

The onboarding solution is an effective initiative which helps to ensure the company's continued growth - and a satisfied employee.

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Onboarding with Temp-Team

When you collaborate with Temp-Team about onboarding, you give yourself a unique opportunity to get ahead of how your employee fits in the company, both professionally and socially.

Consequently, you receive an in-depth knowledge of your new employee's well-being in crucial areas.

Our onboarding dialogue tool:

  • Makes it simple and straightforward for you to handle the onboarding process.
  • Gives you a clear sense of what areas you can improve with the effort you put in today.

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