Permanent Employment

Are you dreaming of a new job?

Temp-Team is a professional recruitment and temp agency that can help you find available jobs that suit you.

Getting started

To take the first step towards a new, exciting and enriching working day, register your CV on our website.

Take your time and be thorough when creating your profile. Our passion is to match people with the right job where they can flourish and develop both professionally and personally. The more detail and information you provide about yourself and your job wishes, the better we can begin moving you forward in your career.

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Your profile

We know that you are worth gold to an employer - and we are masters at creating awareness among companies that need you exactly.

If you indicate in your profile that you want to be employed permanently, you give yourself a unique opportunity to be seen and profiled towards companies that match. Once you have registered on our website, we take care of the rest.

We create a profile for you, obviously only with your consent, and send it via newsletters to customers who are looking for a person with your background. You can also be introduced to positions targeted especially towards you.

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How it works

When we spot a match, we invite you to a casual meeting with one of our consultants. To us, it is completely natural to meet face to face about something as important as your new job. Putting your working life in our hands is a declaration of trust. We take that seriously.

The purpose of the meeting is to get to know you better so we can help you succeed on the labor market. Therefore, we carry out an in-depth interview and subject-relevant tests and form a thorough overview of your personality, your qualifications and skills. It is a formality that we obtain references from previous employers as a part of the process.

During the interview, we are also happy to chat with you about the wording of your CV and help you prepare for upcoming job interviews.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream job.

Call us: +45 70 10 09 44 and let Temp-Team make a difference for you.

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