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It is the people who work in a company who create value. This is why a good match is a vital prerequisite for succesful employment.

Do you want to steer clear of faulty employment and make sure that your company hits the target the first time - personally and professionally? Then let a recruitment agency help you and ensure the best possible conditions for effective employment.

In Temp-Team, we work hard and diligently to realise your visions. With more than 40 years of experience, and more than 3400 customers and 230.000 candidates in our CV-database, we are a serious collaboration partner who creates results.

With Temp-Team, you team up with a professional partner who can optimise your recruitment process - from job analysis, job posting and employment.

Get in touch with Temp-Team at 70 10 09 44 or info@temp-team.dk. Then we'll get back to you with a non-binding offer matching exactly your needs.

Read more about how we work with recruitment.

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"Why should we spend resources collaborating with a recruitment agency when we can hire perfectly well ourselves?"

Sounds familiar? Consider this:

It requires knowledge and experience

Recruiting employees is not about scattering job postings across various job banks and wait for the right match to appear. It's a lot more intricate - if you want the process to proceed effectively, in any case.

If you trust Temp-Team with the recruitment process, we leave nothing to coincidence. Our specialists have both the experience and specialist knowledge which they use for evaluating potential matches. Thus, your final decision is not only based on your immediate impression of the candidate, but on elaborate interviews, personality tests and subject relevant tests.

It consumes time and resources

Recruitment demands both time and resources that you company could employ elsewhere - even if you go the traditional way and write a job posting.

Posting a job position on various job banks and waiting for a match is like fly-fishing and letting the fishes to come to you. They might, of course - and they might not - but what kind of candidate is attracted?

Many companies tend to forget that job postings primarily are directed towards available candidates who might be decent, but not necessarily the best. To stick with the the fishing metaphor - it's like fishing for sharks in freshwater.

Faulty employment is expensive

It can be a costly affair to employ the wrong candidate. In fact, if the candidate has to leave the position within the first year, it could end up costing two times the yearly salary. 

As Temp-Team's customer, you don't have to worry about expensive and time-consuming faulty employments. If - against expectations - there is a mismatch between expectations and reality, the guarantee on our selection of candidates is your security.

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How Temp-Team helps

During more than 40 years, we have worked with almost all businesses, and we've recruited everything from canteen assistants, chauffeurs, IT-consultants and sales directors. As a recruitment agency, we help with both specialist and managerial recruitment as well as temporary workers. This is why we can also help your company.

We always adjust the process to fit your needs, but generally a standard recruitment process at Temp-Team looks like this:

1. We visit your company

To make sure that we are familiar with the work environment, visions and values in your company, we always begin the process by visiting you. During the visit, one of our consultants discuss your expectations to the candidates with you. Thus, we create a strong basis for the subsequent process.

2. The process begins

When we agree on the expectations, we begin the search-process itself. This means that we actively headhunt the uttermost qualified candidates - and don't just sit around and wait for them to contact us. This enables us to find not just the most qualified candidates available - but the best entirely.

With a wide-spanning network and a CV-database with more than 230.000 candidates, we are always prepared - and we have handled thousands of recruitment processes and understand how to satisfy the needs of both companies and job seekers.

3. We interview the best candidates

When we have found the best candidates, we invite them to an interview. This is where one of our recruitment specialists makes sure that there is a match between the candidate, the position and the work environment. We do so by exposing our candidates to subject-relevant tests and and the well-acknowledged test tool for personal analysis - Master Person Analysis (MPA). Thus, your company gains a more accurate impression of the candidate's profile.

4. We present the candidates for you

When we have handpicked and screened the candidates, we present the best for you. Then you can conduct interviews and hire the candidate who fits the job profile perfectly.

Your intuition during this part of the process is important, but we are happy to help you with this part as well. We gladly participate in the job interviews and offer sparring in advance.

5. Onboarding assistance

25 % of employees leave their position within the first year if they are recruited externally. And this costs resources. This is why an effective onboarding process is crucial - perhaps even more crucial than the recruitment process.

A succesful recruitment process is thus only your first step. Because if your new employee does not thrive in your team, the balance in the entire process is compromised. This is why we also offer you onboarding assistance when you collaborate with Temp-Team as a recruitment agency.

Here you can read more about our onboarding process.

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Get in touch with us and let us create value for your company

Do you want to team up with a serious recruitment agency who recruits with a basis in your company's needs? 

We're happy to talk about your wishes and expectations.

Call us on 70 10 09 44 or write to us on info@temp-team.dk.

Temp-Team's headquarters is located at Vester Farimagsgade 6, 2nd floor, in Copenhagen V. We also have offices in Aarhus, Kolding, Herning, Odense, and a couple of other Danish cities, and furthermore we have departments in Norway, Sweden, Finland, England and Singapore.

Read more about our recruitment firm here.

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