Are complex calculations, coordination and measurements your second nature? Can you solve high level technical challenges? Then a job in engineering is just your thing.

At Temp-Team, you find a wide selection of engineering jobs in many different industries. We can help with both permanent employment and temporary jobs - including everything from construction engineering, chemical engineering, software- and machine engineers.

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A job with recognition

Do you have the defining overview? Can you keep focus on technique while also developing new ideas for process optimisation? Then an engineering job is relevant to you.

At Temp-Team, we specialise in recruitment for both permanent and temporary jobs. With our extensive knowledge of how important engineers are the for future growth, and our more than 40 years in the business, we know how potential candidates contribute positively to society and a company's growth.

We're ready to help you - with an engineering job in another business, for instance, that might be interesting for you.

Our job consultants, as well, are ready to help - both job seekers with a background in engineering, but also companies looking for the right candidate.

As a job seeker, we encourage you to take a look at the latest engineering jobs here, where you find both permanent and temporary jobs.

If you represent a company and are searching for the right engineering candidate, you can read more about your opportunities for recruitment right here.


Find the engineering job of your dreams!

Can you take charge of constructing problems and consult about construction? Can you maintain quality insurance and develop products for tech, electronics or foods, so future profit is maximised? Then we have the perfect jobs for you.

It might be:

      • Industrial Engineer
      • Software Engineer
      • Machine Engineer
      • Electronics Engineer
      • Chemical Engineer
      • And many others

At Temp-Team, you find traditional as well as modern jobs in engineering.

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Make your mark on the innovations of the future

Do you want help climbing that next step of the career-ladder? 

As a recruitment agency - we are ready to assist you.

Register your CV and get in touch with at 70 10 09 44 or info@temp-team.dk.

Temp-Team is your gateway to available jobs, permanent and temporary.

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Here is a selection of our engineering consultants

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