Pharma & Life Science

Pharma & Life Science

Do you want to strengthen the production in pharmaceutical and biotech-companies and make them more effective? Do you feel at home in multi-disciplinary teams when they are needed?

At Temp-Team, you can find a wide selection of jobs in Pharma and Life Science, and we assist with both permanent employment and temporary jobs.

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Counsel the pharmaceutical sector towards growth

The pharmaceutical industry is demanding when it comes to product development, authority requirements and process flows. This calls for specialists with the right skills who have the knowledge and know-how about the pharmaceutical and biotech products.

Temp-Team are specialists in recruitment in Pharma and Life Science. Our many years of experience testify to the fact that we know what the companies are looking for in potential candidates.

Hence, our job consultants can help you towards your next job in Life Science and Pharma in different industries with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. We encourage you to take a look at our latest positions in the business here, where you find both permanent and temporary jobs.


What can you do?

There are many types of jobs in biotech, Pharma and Life Science, and it might be tricky to get an overview of which jobs are relevant to you. Maybe you have experience leading product development processes, maybe you're good at defining requirement specifics or perhaps you're able to lead big authority projects. But one thing is certain - there are plenty of opportunities.

We offer candidates for the Pharma og Life Science industry:

      • Laboratory Worker
      • Product Specialist
      • Medical Laboratory Technician
      • Pharmacist
      • QA/RA Coordinator
      • And several other jobs in Pharma and biotech

At Temp-Team, you find both traditional and new types of Pharma, biotech and Life Science jobs.

If you're a job seeker, take a look at our job database today.

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Do you want to create growth in Pharma and Life Science?

As a recruitment agency, we can help you with your professional career.

Register your CV and keep your profile up to date so we can match you with your dream job.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at 70 10 09 44 or info@temp-team.dk.

Temp-Team is your gateway to available jobs, temporary and permanent.

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Here is a selection of our consultants within Pharma & Life Science