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Sales and Support

Sales and Support

Do you deliver exceptional customer service, and are you a world-class salesperson? Do you thrive with relation-sales, and do you want to develop professionally? 

At Temp-Team, you find a wide selection of positions in sales and support. We assist with both permanent employment and temporary jobs.

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Take your sales skills to the next level

Are you a pro-active super-salesperson? And are you focused on results with a flair for creating customer relations?

At Temp-Team, we specialist in recruiting for jobs in sales and support. More than 40 years of experience in the recruitment industry means that we know how we can help both companies and job seekers with their professional development.

Our consultants can easily help you on your way to your next sales- or support job with rich options for personal and professional development. We we encourage you to take a look at our latest jobs in support and sales where you find both permanent and temporary positions.

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What can you do?

There are many different positions in sales and support, and getting an overview of which jobs might be relevant for you is tricky. Perhaps you thrive in creating customer relations that benefits the company's bottom line, or maybe you're eagle-eyed at analysing sales numbers and come up with a future strategy - the options are many.

We can help with the following positions:

      • (Key) Account Manager
      • Customer Service
      • Telemarketing and Call Centre
      • Purchase Employee
      • Sales Analyst
      • And many other job in sales and support.

At Temp-Team, you can find both traditional and brand new jobs in sales and support, so we encourage you to take a look at our job database today.

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Can you cover the customer's needs?

Do you want to team up with an experienced recruitment agency who is passionate about helping you up the career ladder in support and sales? Register your CV and contact us at 70 10 09 44 or info@temp-team.dk.

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Here is a selection of our sales and support consultants

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